Improve productivity, reinforce safety principles, and help meet OSHA & OHS compliance with our quick-and-easy Safety Meetings and Safety Toolbox Talks.

Pair Safety Training and Compliance Goals with Quick-And-Easy Safety Meetings

  • Safety Meetings are easy to read and quick to deliver, allowing supervisors to efficiently and effectively incorporate safety into their day-to-day operation without stopping production.
  • Choose from a large library of safety meeting topics that range from basic topics applicable to anyone in any industry, to highly-targeted and industry-specific topics.
  • Customize the meetings and OSHA safety videos with your company’s name and logo to reinforce to your employees your commitment to ongoing safety training and to use as ongoing personalized safety resource.
  • Ensure your safety meetings meet the needs of all your employees — choose English, Spanish, or both!

After ordering, your safety meetings are mailed in either monthly installments or all at once — your choice. After receiving the meetings, you simply read one a week to your employees during a quick team meeting. The entire process takes less than five minutes and helps to ensure a safe, productive workplace.

  • Choose from over 1,000 topics
  • Safety regulation compliance in minutes
  • Audit-proof record keeping
  • Written to meet OSHA & OHS Safety Meetings standards

Call today and speak with one of our safety advisors about how best to implement safety meetings.

Safety Meeting Subscription Options

All Subscriptions Include

• Standard format
• Compliance certificate
• Option of Spanish-translated versions

Weekly & Bi-Weekly Subscriptions

• 1 Year Weekly (52 x Safety Meetings)
• 1 Year Bi-Weekly (26 x Safety Meetings)
• Ask about our Multi-Year Discounts
• BEST VALUE = 3 Year Weekly

Why Hold a Safety Talk?

  • Reinforce safety principles
  • Help meet requirements for OSHA & OHS safety training
  • Provide protection to your business from lawsuits
  • Minimize insurance rates
  • Ensure employee safety and reduce injuries
  • Improve productivity

Safety Meeting Samples

Does OSHA Require Safety Toolbox Talks?

When it comes to OSHA, toolbox talks are not technically required. However, they are strongly encouraged. There are several points found in the OSHA standards where the language suggests regular safety training is necessary to avoid unsafe conditions in the work environment.

For those working in the state of California under Cal/OSHA, meetings such as these are highly recommended, as well. Even though there may not be an explicit requirement to hold these on a regular basis, toolbox talks still are a powerful tool to ensure compliance and help prevent safety incidents on your jobsites.

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